14 Essential DevOps Interview Questions and Answers

Infrastructure as Code is a type of IT infrastructure that operations teams can use to automatically manage and provision through code, rather than using a manual process. For this answer, my suggestion would be to give a small definition of Selenium Grid. It can be used to execute same or different test scripts on multiple platforms and browsers concurrently to achieve distributed test execution. This allows testing under different environments and saving execution time remarkably.

  • Here you’ll get an idea of how deeply the candidate understands the DevOps engineer role, and how well they’ll fit into your team.
  • There are various components in a configuration management system such as servers, networking, storage, and software.
  • Nagios will process the results that it receives from the Plugin and take the necessary actions.
  • This results in significant increase in speed in a developer’s productivity as it eliminates the requirement for re-running all the tests after each update and project re-building.
  • It also helps in more transparent communication between the team members.

Top DevOps engineers have a strong sense of not only their individual tasks and responsibilities, but also how these impact the company as a whole. An ability to look at the bigger picture will be useful as they begin to spearhead long-term projects, allowing them to tailor projects closely to business needs.

What is the difference between a registry and a repository?

The amount of classic automation necessary on cloud environments depends on the number of components available to be used. The more existing components there are the less classic automatic is necessary. When the CNI plugin is added, a virtual ethernet device pair is created and then connected between the Pod network namespace and the Host network namespace. Once IPs and routes are created and assigned, the information is returned to the Kubernetes API server. AWS Direct Connect or Azure ExpressRoute bypasses the public internet and establishes a secure connection between a private data center and the VPC. This is the method of choice for large production deployments.

devops engineer job questions

Once you’ve done that, you can dig a little deeper and sense if your candidate identifies with your company values. Similar to the previous question, this DevOps Engineer interview question is about understanding who your candidate is and what makes them tick. You’ll want to get a good idea of what they enjoy most about being a DevOps Engineer. For databases, a common way to deal with partition tolerance is to use a quorum for writes.

When a server gets shut down does data stored in Memcached is still available?

Git Bisect helps to find the commit which introduced a bug using binary search. Provide an example of a time when you had to troubleshoot an issue with an application. Maximize your reach and hiring success by posting your job ad to 10+ job search sites within one tool and with one single login – for free. Knowing that the candidate can handle and take on board constructive criticism, as well as place value in the opinion of others, is great comfort in such a collaborative role.

  • DevOps engineers need to be highly organized and capable of juggling many tasks at once, without letting the quality of their work suffer.
  • Once you finish the DevOps Certification, we promise that you will be able to handle a variety of DevOps roles in the industry.
  • DevOps is used to update the working directory with the latest changes from the remote server.
  • Using docker build users can create an automated build that executes several command-line instructions in succession.

The primary advantage of this is integrated contributions to the organization. With the growing popularity, you can expect some serious competition at interviews for the DevOps engineer role, especially at FAANG and other top-tier companies.

DevOps Interview Questions and Answers

Or, do you want to hire the perfect candidate who can answer the most difficult DevOps interview questions? Whether you want a DevOps job or want to hire a DevOps engineer, it will help you how to become a devops engineer to go through the list of DevOps interview questions and answers given here. With the right DevOps hire, you’re guaranteed to boost productivity in your development team to new heights.

Is DevOps very tough?

Is DevOps Hard? Yes, no, it depends. It is no harder and no easier than any other new way of working. Most people find change difficult – even when you want to change, there are behavior patterns, attitudes, and routines to alter – and that all takes time and some conscious effort.

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