Alcoholâs Ability to Affect Your Driving Vision Steven M Lee, PC

Dry eyes.Dry eyes are more likely to occur after drinking alcohol, because it’s a diuretic that makes you dehydrate easily. For example, many people have occult eye muscle imbalances, but the sober brain can preserve crisp, single vision. Once the person has consumed a little alcohol, the brain relaxes that control and vision problems become apparent. However, these changes will go away once the alcohol has cleared the system.

  • Alcohol consumption and incident cataract surgery in two large UK cohorts.
  • Cops are looking for these signs during a field sobriety test because they know that myokymia and nystagmus are two of the many ways in which alcohol affects the eyes.
  • That’s why there are so many laws against drinking and driving- because our reaction time is reduced after drinking alcohol.
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  • These effects may be more permanent and can include reduced vision, migraine headaches, sensitivity to light, and even blindness.

While some of the effects of alcohol on the eyes are temporary, others are serious and can be permanent. You may be aware that excessive alcohol use damages your body. Often when a person suffers from alcohol addiction, they have “alcoholic eyes.” The term refers to the harmful effects excessive alcohol consumption has on a person’s eyes and vision. The long term effects of alcohol on the eyes and vision can be permanent if not caught and treated in their early stages. Most importantly, the best thing you can do to prevent alcohol abuse from affecting your eyesight is to stop drinking completely.

Alcoholic Eyes: Symptoms, Outlook, and Treatment

Treatment with us starts with detox, where you can safely withdraw from alcohol and other drugs in a supervised setting. Then, you can continue your treatment in our 50-bed residential facility, where you’ll receive the best in addiction treatment from qualified, multi-disciplinary staff. Partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs are also available. One or both of your eyes may twitch during or after drinking alcohol. While there are many causes of eye twitching, it may be wise to cut back on drinking for a while if you develop an eye twitch that may be alcohol-related. If you find that you’re experiencing health-related problems from drinking alcohol and are having a hard time cutting back, you are not alone.

blurry vision after drinking alcohol

Have you ever wondered why the police make you follow their finger or a pen when conducting a field sobriety test? Well, it’s because when a person is intoxicated, alcohol stimulates the eye muscles causing the eyelid to twitch, a condition known as myokymia. Alcohol can also cause nystagmus, a condition characterized by involuntary jerking of the eyeballs when moving horizontally or vertically. Cops are looking for these signs during a field sobriety test because they know that myokymia and nystagmus are two of the many ways in which alcohol affects the eyes.


But what about the long-term effects of drinking alcohol on the eye? Florida Eye Specialists and Cataract Institute would like you to gain some knowledge about eyes and alcohol blurry vision after drinking alcohol and whether excessive drinking can lead to eye problems. When a person’s blood alcohol content begins to rise, they begin experiencing the effects of intoxication.

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